In the Novice modules, important basic skills are covered. The right way of carrying a replica sling and sidearm holster and loadout of a chestrig, opsvest and battlebelt with mag pouches. Afterwards the key safety principles will be taught along with some practice of safely loading and unloading primary and secondary replicas, meaning assault rifles and pistols.

Through more shooting drills (parkoersschieten) the five safety fundamentals concerning replicas are covered. These safety rules are carbon copies of realsteel firearm safety. Think of barrel placement when at ease or during a reload.

At the end of this four-hour workshop, an exam will be given through stressfire drills, some physical excercises etc. When passed, the TAA Novice certificate will be handed to the trainee.


In the Intermediate module all the basic shooting stances are covered with primary and secondary replicas. Foremost the emphasis will be on the participant’s performance, rather than shooting results. The shooting skills will be taught and shown through demos. Reloading procedures will be behind cover during simulated ‘stress’. These will be implemented through a shottimer.

The trainee will also receive an introduction to teamwork and physical exercise. The trainees physical prowess will be examined. More time will be spent on stressfire-drills which will be repeatedly covered. During these stressfire-drills, both the shooting results and the handling of the five safety fundamentals will be examined. The drills are always at the end of the workshops.

Tactical Advanced Academy uses the Intermediate workshops as a scouting moment, to ask participants to partake in the Advanced workshops.


The advanced modules will cover teamwork, team-communications, group movement during contact tango, hand signals, VIP escort, observation lessons and pistol training in battledress and concealed civilian clothing.

The trainee will be forged into an avid Milsim/Polsim airsoft operator. Airsoft at its highest possible skill level.


Bootcamp (running, endurance, strength, mental) combined with precision shooting (IAPS). Participants will be scouted for this during the senior advanced workshops. For the coveted white and red TAA patch it is explicitly advised to train in advance on strength and endurance and to avoid injury.

The patch achievement tests are only for fit milsim airsofters. Before the test a free training schedule will be handed out to make sure the trainee has a chance to, responsibly, achieve the patch.