The TAA-training concept came to be through its chief adviser. During his 27 years of experience with airsoft, he saw many unnecessary accidents. Think “close fire” face injuries.

He noted that the vast majority of airsoft participants had little to none tactical experience nor awareness. Participants lacked a safe way of handling replicas around their teammates. The only thing participants desired was shoot at the opponent, without further ado. Having a blast was the sole objective.

There is little wrong with having fun. Be that as it may, with tactical knowledge and safe replica handling (mindset), one can get a lot more competitive and have more fun at skirms. Our goal is to make the dutch and european airsoft community safer, conscientious and more grown-up to increase immersion, skill levels and sportsmanship on the field.

Experienced airsofters among us know what we mean. There rests no blame on beginning airsofters, who have had little to no training in the basics of safety; the 5 safety fundamentals. Now, he can become an experienced airsofter by learning from the best advisers. All with a great deal of experience, expertise with real firearms and military operations on several continents (UNPROFOR/SFOR/ISAF).

TAA offers an ultra-realistic training concept to implement a disciplined and matured mindset. That mindset determines whether this branch of teamsport will sink or swim. Because the dutch airsoft community grows by the day, TAA offers workshops in a responsible and professional, yet comprehensible format. Available to both the beginning and experienced airsofters.