Improve your CQB skills during our CQB workshops. Learn how to clear corridors and spaces, to communicate and how to use a ‘ballistic airsoft’ shield. These fast-paced yet delicate ways of operating in and around buildings require the most of the attention and concentration of a student, trying to get the max out of these workshops.

When one gets confronted with an urban environment, one resorts to tactical drills and skills of Fighting in Built Up Areas (FIBUA). These drills are usually coordinated by larger assault teams.

Should one have to enter a single building, one uses Close Quarters Battle/Combat (CQB/CQC). Here, one uses smaller teams (4-8 operators) who have trained together to become as one well-oiled machine. Because this setting knows many corners, doors, corridors, smaller and bigger spaces and shadows, this requires a meticulous and intensive way of gaining ground. This means partaking in many workshops to acquire the basic skills.

One would be surprised about how dynamic the CQB setting can change, with the operator requiring to adapt. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Ensuring your safety by working fast and decisively.

A portion of the skills and drills being taught in the FIBUA workshops: The goosewalk, stick to your lane, single/ duo slicing the pie, stack formation single/double file, quick look, dynamic shooting stances, entry drills room clearing, “ballistic” shield, contactdrills, recce skills, aussie peeling, the fishhook, rallypoints, visual communication and radio communication, etc. etc.